Tuesday, 11 January 2011


A HUGE thank you to the lovely Pam from Red Ticking for giving me The Stylish Blogger Award. I am so pleased as I have never won anything in my life!
Ok so I have to write a few pointers about myself:
  1. I LOVE Interior Design/Decoration Magazines
  2. I am currently learning about Ceramics ,which has always been a passion of mine.
  3. I secretly listen and dance to my daughter's music on her iPod when she's at school. Justin Beiber Rocks!
  4. I am crazy ambitious and work very hard on shoots as an assistant. 
  5. I have a secret project I'm working on............;-)
Now for the fun part! I get to choose blogs that I adore too and pass on the love. So Hard! So you know what  I got thinking?  I would like to dedicate this Award to ANY blogger who is reading this right now ,because you have taken the time to drop by and show your support .All you have to do is leave a comment and I will return the favor by leaving a comment in your blog announcing your prize!


Anonymous said...

I would be honored to win :) -- I am assuming you mean you will leave a message announcing my prize instead of price, right??

I always enjoy the homes and decor you feature on Black Zebra, there is always special and unique about the images you choose.

I think I learned about black zebra from Red Ticking. Her shop in in my neighborhood -- I love it! I think you two are friends?

kbd said...

I love your comment about Justin Bieber! I had a good chuckle! I just downloaded some Katy Perry songs... never too old, right?