Tuesday, 16 November 2010


 I first came to know of John Robshaw through Elle Deco magazine , a few months back. When I linked to his Website I  simply fell in love with his work.
 Having studied Traditional Block Printing in China, he went on to work along-side artisans in Gujarat and Rajastan.
 ..and even block printed sarongs along side a family who had done so for four generations.
 You really get a feeling that he takes time to be present with these artisans,learning  and preserving their traditional techniques,

 Check out his home featured in Lonny magazine.

                         "I want all the colours,processes and designs from each culture to blend"
                                                                                             John Robshaw.

images: John Robshaw.
             lonny magazine

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Anonymous said...

His home is so great -- so many colors and textures. I need to browse his pillow offerings (don't tell my husband I said that!)

Thanks for the introduction.