Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ceramic Tile School!

I am deeply ,DEEPLY enjoying my ceramic tiling course at the moment. we will be making lots of tiles and choosing designs we like or simply creating our own designs. I am currently loving the Moroccan style especially the the old vintage style. I found most of these images from a God sent online wholesale factory that sell zillions of old vintage tiles - check it out here


Francine Gardner said...

How great to be taking such a course! i really like using hand made tiles in design projects.
In reading your comment, if you have a chance, do visit bhutan, it is truly an extraordinary country. Tantric buddhism is hard to grasp and it dictates the very day life a such spiritual people.

Maria Dermengiu said...

I love,love tile ceramics with patterns! good for you for taking this class, I wish I had it in my town :(
I wish you a lovely week, Maria