Thursday, 6 May 2010


Ok hands up if you love Bedrooms! How can anyone not, this is the place we retreat to a place we go to rejuvenate ourselves....."the last place see and the first place you wake up to" ,as someone once put it.Right first stop-Robin Bell does us all justice with this cool Tropical setting... LOVE IT!
Fen Fulk keeps it grown-up and sophisticated with these two bedrooms, Image visiting friends and sleeping in one of these rooms as a guest- I'D NEVER LEAVE!

For a room designed by a woman it has a fresh Masculinity to it,Amanda kyser you get an A+ for versatility!
Poster bed to die for, fabric to die for! Kathryn Ireland- you ROCK!
Chad Eisher shows us how he rolls with the "colonial chic" look(just made that up).You got my vote dude!
And last ,but not least,Tom String keeps it cool ,crisp and white..Me Like.....

all images:House Beautiful

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Lana said...

Love the second room! That suitcase coffee table is my kinda thing! Have a great week! :)